New album « Sweetheart Grips » crowdfunding: 80% in 2 weeks!

80% in 2 weeks!

Thank you so much to everyone, you are amazing!

We still need to achieve the 100% in order to give birth to our new baby and help the association « Save the Children »!

So please keep on spreading the word and sharing, you are doing really great! #frogressiverock


[FR] 80% en 2 semaines!

Merci beaucoup à tous, vous êtes formidables!

Il nous reste encore à atteindre les 100% pour pouvoir donner naissance à notre nouveau bébé et aider l’association «Save the Children»!

Alors continuez à passer le mot et à partager, vous vous en sortez vraiment bien!

New album « Sweetheart Grips » crowdfunding

One week and we already have reached half of our crowdfunding amount! Thank you so much to everyone, you are wonderful!

Please, keep spreading the word and sharing!

The funds raised from the sales of our new album « Sweetheart Grips » will be given to the association « Save the children ».

We still need your help to reach the other half of this crowdfunding and record / release the album:

New album « Sweetheart Grips » announcements and crowdfunding!


– Our new album is called: “Sweetheart Grips”: have you heard of this practice before? During WWII, soldiers were known to take precious family photos (and Pinup Girl photos) and put them under clear grips on their 1911 pistols – called Sweetheart Grips. Many of the grips were made from pieces of broken plastic windows from bombers.

– We need your help for the recording and the release of the album. Here is the link for our crowdfunding:

Many gifts will be given to thank you!

– The funds raised from the sales of the album will be given to the association “Save the children”:

We have 59 days to close the crowdfunding so please, share and spread the words!

– Oh, and … Guests to be announced soon!