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December doesn’t usually see many releases in the music industry, and that is for a good reason.  Many year-end lists are already being posted; so, naturally, bands and labels release albums earlier in the hopes to be included on those lists.  Here at The Prog Mind, we don’t post those lists until the first week of January, so we have plenty of time to include December releases.  The debut album from Nine Skies just released on November 30th, which is close enough for me to call it a December release.  “Return Home” is an album that deserves your attention and time, and maybe even a spot in those fabled “best of” lists, too.

Nine Skies hails from France.  The band is made up of Alexandre Boussacre and Freddy Scott on vocals, David Darnaud and Eric Bouillette on guitars, Alexandre Lamia on guitars/keyboards, Anne Claire Rallo on keyboards, Bernard…

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