Alexandre in 12 questions!

*Froggers alert!*

To brighten up your weekend, here is “Alexandre in 12 questions!”

We talk about music, gigs memories, trousers and green frogs; you might hear about some funny anecdotes here…

(Froggies, you can enable French subtitles)

2 thoughts on “Alexandre in 12 questions!

  1. Je pense sincèrement que c’est à nous, auditeurs passionnés toujours en recherche de qualité, qui devons vous remercier, toi, Anne-Claire et tous les membres du groupe, pour le bonheur et les émotions apportées à chacune de vos oeuvres.

    Donc : MERCI


  2. I sincerely think that we, music lovers who are always looking for quality, have to thank you, Anne-Claire and all the members of your band, for the happiness and joy that we can feel lestening each of your compositions

    So : THANK YOU A LOT !

    (sorry for the poor english)


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