Albums back in stock

Our new album “5.20” is back in stock on our Bandcamp or by messaging us!




  1. Colourblind
  2. Wilderness (feat. Steve Hackett)
  3. Beauty of Decay
  4. Golden Drops
  5. Above the Tide
  6. Dear Mind
  7. The Old Man in the Snow (feat. John Hackett)
  8. Godless Land
  9. Porcelain Hill (feat. Damian Wilson)
  10. Achristas
  11. Smiling Stars

“Porcelain Hill” feat. Damian Wilson

Listen to the single “Porcelain Hill” feat. Damian Wilson, from our new album “5.20”:

“I remember the hill,
Perched above the village,
Hidden through clouds and haze,
Overlooking the gods whispering,

When the darkness of the night came out,
Sisyphus boulder can be seen,
Tumbling down over and over again,
Just like the folly of human existence”