Fusion music festival

🇬🇧 Do not miss this amazing festival this Sunday (yes, this is tomorrow!), streaming tickets are available too!
And maybe you might have a glimpse of Nine Skies too? Who knows 😉!

Click on the picture to book your tickets.

🇫🇷 Ne ratez pas cet incroyable festival ce dimanche (oui, c’est demain !), des billets en streaming sont également disponibles !
Et peut-être aurez-vous aussi un aperçu de Nine Skies? Qui sait ! 😉

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Albums back in stock

Our new album “5.20” is back in stock on our Bandcamp or by messaging us!

Bandcamp: https://nineskies.bandcamp.com/music



  1. Colourblind
  2. Wilderness (feat. Steve Hackett)
  3. Beauty of Decay
  4. Golden Drops
  5. Above the Tide
  6. Dear Mind
  7. The Old Man in the Snow (feat. John Hackett)
  8. Godless Land
  9. Porcelain Hill (feat. Damian Wilson)
  10. Achristas
  11. Smiling Stars