Prog Rock Files show!

Join Garry Foster tonight from 10pm for the Prog Rock Files Show… interviews tonight but I have got an amazing selection of both new and classic tunes.

I’ve got music from Perfect Storm, Bastian Per, Head with Wings, Nine Skies, Lord Helmet, Motorpsycho, Lizzard, 22 Layers & Mark Kelly’s Marathon plus a few tunes from back in the day

Prog Rock Files Show
WCR FM, on Tune In Radio, Smart Speaker and online at

*The show will also be available on Mixcloud and Spotify the following day

More praise about “5.20” by At the Barrier

Thanks a lot to At the Barrier for this great review!

“The group may be ‘honoured’ to guest the likes of Steve Hackett but knowing his humility he must have felt truly privileged to be asked to contribute on this highly accomplished work.
A range of dramatic moods and musical brushstrokes created by this impressive ensemble results in a very appealing listen which never gets weary after repeated visits.”