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Le Tshirt de Nine Skies est désormais disponibles. 5 tailles, du S au XXL. Seulement 2 exemplaires par taille en stock pour le moment. Nous en remettrons en stock quand ce premier lot sera sold out. Si vous hésitez quant à la taille, n’hésitez pas à nous envoyer un message, on vous conseillera ! Mais d’une manière générale, les tailles correspondent à vos tailles habituelles.

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The Nine Skies logo shirt is now available. 5 sizes, from S to XXL. Only 2 shirts per size for now. Buy it NOW, before it is sold out. New batch will be available soon. If you are not sure of your size, please contact us, we will help you out ! But note that the shirts match your usual size will help you out ! But note that the shirts match your usual size.

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Sweetheart Grips: album tracklist

*Sweetheart Grips update*

We are really happy to announce the album tracklist:


1/ Vestige

2/ Burn my Brain (feat. Craig Blundell & Clive Nolan)

3/ Catharsis (Part II)

4/ The Thought Trader (feat. Johnny Marter)

5/ Alone (Sweetheart Grips Intro)

6/ Sweetheart Grips (feat. Riccardo Romano)


1/ Somewhere inside Mankind

2/ Fields of Perdition (feat. Dave Foster)

3/ Tyrant or Nothing

4/ Soldiers of Shame (feat. Pat Sanders)

5/ Flowers of Pain

6/ Isolation

Guests announcement #6


Over the last few weeks, we announced the guests who will be featuring on our new album ”Sweetheart Grips”. We are honoured beyond words to have so many talented musicians contributing to this new album and who have also kindly agreed for the proceeds to go to a charity that is close to our hearts.

So without further ado, we are very proud to announce that the last guest to be announced is the amazing Craig Blundell (Steven Wilson, Steve Hackett, Frost…) on drums!