Nine Skies are a French progressive rock band inspired by many influences: rock, pop, progressive, classical, jazz…

The first album “Return Home” was released on the 30th of November 2017 via Anesthetize Productions. A special edition of the album is released on the 15th of September 2018.

The album relates, through the eyes of the protagonist, the lives of different characters from a contemporary big city. Sometimes metaphorical, sometimes particularly realistic, these different existences show the absurdities of our current world and the way we learn to live with our sufferings. The diversity of the band’s influences allows for expressing various feelings while preserving the coherence of this modern musical tale.


The second album, called “Sweetheart Grips” is a double album released on the 1st of November 2019, with amazing guests such as Craig Blundell (Steven Wilson, Steve Hackett, Frost …), Clive Nolan (Arena, Pendragon …), Dave Foster (Steve Rothery Band, Dave Foster Band …), Riccardo Romano (Ranestrane, Steve Rothery Band …), Johnny Marter (SAS Band) and Pat Sanders (Drifting Sun).

This title refers to the practice dating back to the Second World War when soldiers were known to take precious family photos (and Pinup Girl photos) and put them under clear grips on their 1911 pistols, called ’Sweetheart Grips’. Many of the grips were made from pieces of broken plastic windows from bombers.

The album highlights the memories and feelings of a young soldier exposed to a post-traumatic syndrome, bringing out the paradox between the obvious violence of the war and the underlying humanity buried in each of us.

The proceeds from the sales of this album go towards the charity “Ian’s Chain”, to raise awareness of suicide prevention and help the families of those who have suicided.

The new album “5.20” is an acoustic opus including a string quartet. It is released on the 4th of June 2021.

The personal poetry of “5.20” conjures up a dream beyond various horizons.

This acoustic and very intimate opus takes us on a journey using the spellbinding charm of the string quartet, from the captivating melodies to the mysterious and more introspective overtones of the album.

Each moment suggests a reflection on both a universally human context and the emotional part specific to all of us: a renewed musical experience that gets more enriched with every listening of the album.

The Live @ Prog en Beauce album is released on the 4th of June 2021. A direct live recording from the 26th October 2019 concert remastered by Alexandre Lamia. A great way to listen again or to discover this show!

Following the success of their album “5.20”, Nine Skies released a limited special edition on March, 2nd 2022:

a double digipack, CD + DVD, including a 12 pages booklet and alternative artwork.

The CD includes 5 bonus audio tracks and the DVD a recording documentary + 2 live stream videos.

The band also unveils a new female additional singer on bonus tracks: Basma El Hamraoui.



Prog en Beauce Festival:

Saturday 26th October 2019 – Pierres (France) – Infos and tickets here


Eric Bouillette: Guitars, violin, mandolin, arrangements – RIP – Forever with us and in our hearts – we love you more than everything

Alexandre Lamia: Guitars, piano, arrangements, recording, mix, mastering

Anne Claire Rallo: Keyboards, lyrics

Achraf El Asraoui: Vocals, guitars

David Darnaud: Guitars

Alexis Bietti: Bass

Johnny Marter: Drums

Laurent Benhamou: Saxophones



Alexandre Boussacre: Vocals (Return Home)
Freddy Scott: Vocals (Return Home)

Aliénor Favier: Vocals (Sweetheart Grips, Live@PeB & 5.20)

Bernard Hery: Bass (Return Home, Sweetheart Grips, Live@PeB, 5.20)

Fab Galia: Drums ( (Return Home, Sweetheart Grips, Live@PeB, 5.20))